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Your Labour Law Specialists

Welcome to FUHLROTT ARBEITSRECHT – your partner in employment law. We are a nationwide law firm specializing in employment law with offices in Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt am Main. We advise companies and executives on the entire spectrum of employment law. Our approach is pragmatic. Academic standards and a high level of forensic experience go hand in hand for us.

Dr. Markus Ebert

I enjoy dealing with complex issues and challenging negotiations, which require me to approach them with conscientiousness and creativity as well as calmness and pragmatism.

Dr. Christian Ley

Together with my clients, I examine their individual needs and put all my efforts into helping them achieving their goals.

Florian Garden

Working with my clients is more than just legal advice – it is all about trust, respect and protecting their interests.

Prof. Dr. Michael Fuhlrott

Effective employment law advocacy is not just about knowing the law. You have to be able to recognizing mutual interests, assess what can be enforced and negotiate successfully.

Let’s together create positive solutions that last. Our clients expect the best from us – responsibility, integrity and trust are the core values our firm is built on and the standards we set for our daily work.

Our aim is to solve even the most demanding challenges for our clients and help them succeed. We always work side by side with our clients to advise them on the day-to-day issues that affect their business, from the realization of new ideas to overcoming challenges when things go differently than planned. We combine legal expertise and real industry knowledge with a practical, proportionate and, above all, constructive approach.

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